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XE Hospitality Services - Revenue Management
Managing revenue is a key priority. Our hotel staffs strive to improve RevPar penetration consistently, year over year, driving continual growth in our market share. A primary goal of Revenue Management that aligns our culture with this discipline is creating an ongoing educational process whereby staff can interact and demonstrate their strengths, as well as identify those areas that will promote development of new strategic initiatives.
Our corporate culture supports the initiatives of our brand partners while keeping a balance with aggressive Internet strategies and a strong e-commerce presence. This side of our business experiences change on a daily basis, and our hotel teams are in formation to maintain continuous visibility through all booking conduits while offering value and price parity across all channels.
The XE Hospitality principles of Revenue Management encompass five key areas: strategic identification, pricing, forecasting, channel distribution, and ancillary revenues. We provide cutting-edge tools that support market research and data analysis which offer new perspectives on how effective our strategies are. Open communication is important to our success and, as a result, our teams have specific dialogue targeted toward rate and inventory options, mix-of-business changes, supply-and-demand factors, as well as any necessary operational adjustments to transform objectives into winning strategies.